Saturday, June 23, 2012

Relaxing, graduations and field day!

 Enjoying a sunny day in mid-May.  We had an unusually hot week in May and we couldn't wait to get our garden started.  Now we are in "June gloom" and sadly had to cover the garden with plastic tarps for most of the month to protect it from the almost constant cool, rainy days.
Chickens staring each other down.
Millie cleaning up chicken poop in the backyard.
Graduation day from Kindergarten at Snoqualmie Elementary School!
Last day of school was a Field day for Millie.  They had bouncy castles, games, dunk tank, bubbles, music and sno-cones!

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Gisela said...

Love them pics, downloaded them as usual. Hope you take loads of pics of the B'day party.
Love, Oma