Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snoqualmie Railroad Days

Last weekend was the annual Snoqualmie Railroad Days. We usually try and catch the parade on Saturday morning and then spend the day visiting the booths, playing at the Kids Area, watching a concert, getting wagon rides and buying cotton candy. Here we are with neighbors at the parade.

It wouldn't be a Snoqualmie parade without a logging truck or two!

A great day, nice weather and just fun to see our friends .

Our crookneck squash is finally producing vegetables. I love having a garden. I hope that if we do decide to move, we will have a nice, sunny spot to grow lots of food. Looks like our garden this year won't produce any ripe tomatoes. We just didn't have a long enough growing season. But really grateful for our radishes, carrots, cucumbers and squash.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Connecticut, here we come!

We've actually been home a few weeks now, but Millie and I spent a week visiting my dad and Melissa in Connecticut. It was sooooo great to be back "home," visit with friends from high school and have Millie play with grandpa and nana. I didn't realize, but I really missed the place! Here is Millie and nana at Beardsley Zoo.

Later in the week, we got to visit a farm and Millie got to ride a horse, go for a wagon ride and just run around the farm with her new friends. She kept telling me she was now a "farmer girl." I am so glad my dad arranged this with his friend from work. What a great morning. Take a look a that huge horseshoe pile! The owner of the farm is in the business of horse shoeing horses...hope I said that right...

Checking out the horses.

"Farmer girl"

Millie and Grandpa !

Hiking in the park near home.

Playing at the Creative Playground in Brookfield with my high school friend and her children!

Downtown Brookfield (where I grew up.)

Elephant Trunk Bazaar, by far the best flea market I have ever seen. This has been going on every Sunday in New Milford since I can remember. I hardly ever went growing up, but now it was a real treat to visit. (next time I staying for longer and going in with a wad of cash...)

Having fun at Lake Quassy!

We'll be back soon!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


It is almost the end of August already and I am getting behind in my blogging. But I did want to include some of my favorite happenings and photos from July. The photo above shows Mike and Millie on a hike the day of July 4th. Another cool, cloudy day, but 2 days later, we finally got our summer weather!

Giggling around with my favorite girl.

Stopping off on the way home to pick up some fireworks being sold under the tent.

Hiking in the Cascades...well, as much "hiking" as you can do with a 4 year old!

Lots of lots of bike riding with no training wheels.

Ballerina camp!