Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snoqualmie Railroad Days

Last weekend was the annual Snoqualmie Railroad Days. We usually try and catch the parade on Saturday morning and then spend the day visiting the booths, playing at the Kids Area, watching a concert, getting wagon rides and buying cotton candy. Here we are with neighbors at the parade.

It wouldn't be a Snoqualmie parade without a logging truck or two!

A great day, nice weather and just fun to see our friends .

Our crookneck squash is finally producing vegetables. I love having a garden. I hope that if we do decide to move, we will have a nice, sunny spot to grow lots of food. Looks like our garden this year won't produce any ripe tomatoes. We just didn't have a long enough growing season. But really grateful for our radishes, carrots, cucumbers and squash.

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