Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snow vs. Spring

Here we are on April 14. The snow is falling and it's just plain dreary.

Just six days later, the flowers are blooming, the sun is hot and the sky is the most amazing blue. What a difference in just less than a week. I love the sun!

Bring on the picnics!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunting for Eggs, Part Two

Sunday afternoon we had our own Easter Egg hunt in the backyard. The Easter bunny left a few eggs and also hid a little basket of goodies in the house.

Millie found eggs everywhere.

It was cold and rainy outside, but Millie didn't even notice.

Here is a photo of us taken by Millie, our photographer in training...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter! Part One

It was a very early 9 am Easter Egg Hunt but we made it there with 10 minutes to spare. We were back in our winter coats due to the early morning chill in the air and the rain/drizzle.
Despite the bad weather, there was still quite a crowd in North Bend Mt. Si Park.

I don't think Millie wanted her photo taken, but she cheered up once the egg collecting began.

Here she is finding lots of eggs.

Millie was really happy when she found her good friend, Ronan at the park. Time for a quick hug and then off to get some breakfast! Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fox Hollow Farm

Earlier this month, Millie and I discovered this amazing farm/equestrian center in Issaquah. I had been googling for things to do in our area and stumbled across their website. The farm is open to the public only one day a month. The morning that we planned to go was so cold and it even started snowing! But we decided to stick it out and go anyway. Boy are we glad we did!

I think Millie's favorite was holding the bunnies. She really liked the duck too. She followed us all over the barn.

Millie is hard at work brushing the minature horse.

Here we get in a quick pet with a much larger horse.

My favorite were these cute baby ducks. I wanted to take one home! Upstairs in the barn, Millie got to visit with some Maine Coon cats, go for a swing in the hayloft and we discovered hen eggs all over the place!

The best part of this trip was that Millie and I were the only ones there that day. No one else wanted to venture out in the nasty weather. But it was pretty nice and sheltered in the barn, we had a "private" tour from the ladies working inside and can't wait to go back next month!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A trip to the zoo and then Spring arrives!

So we explored the Seattle Zoo a few weeks ago with some friends. It was so cold, but since it was during the week and most kids were in school, it seemed like we had the zoo to ourselves. We are on the lookout for bears and fox!

This was our favorite exhibit of the day.

Millie and I enjoying the owl show before heading home for the afternoon. I'm sure we'll be back to visit the rest of the animals.

We'll that was 2 weeks ago, and since then we have had a major change in the weather. Spring has arrived and it was amazing. We had 4 straight days of 70 + weather, sunshine and it seemed as though the entire neighborhood was out and about. I love our little part of town. We have met some really great people (with kids and without). It's hard to keep Millie in the yard, she is always running up and down looking for her friends.

This weekend we decorated our Easter egg tree. It just the right size for Millie to help!

Flowers are in bloom everywhere and it very pretty (when the sun shines.) We are enjoying the warmer weather and have spent most of the time outdoors.

Can't end this blog entry without another hummingbird photo taken courtesy of Mike.

Sunday, April 5, 2009