Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year

Happy New Year from Germany! Ein glückliches neues Jahr.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Frohe Weihnachten

Merry Christmas from Germany!
We arrived safe and sound (although completely exhausted and jet lagged). I am so happy that Millie gets to spend her Christmas with Oma and Opa. Plus we get to visit the Christmas markets!

Oma and Millie at the market in Würzburg. If I didn't have a weight limit for the airplane, I could definitely go crazy shopping here everyday.

Christmas trolley in town.

Warming up with a glass of Bavarian Glühwein.

Hoping we get some snow! It certainly feels cold enough. We had a light dusting when we woke up this morning. I will post more pictures of Millie and me with Oma and Opa (poor Opa, we will put your photo on the next post). My mom has to guide me through the computer programs since it is all in German and I struggle make sense of how to work and understand the computer here. We are definitely having a great time. Tomorrow Millie, me and my mom are taking the train to Münich to sightseeing (and of course, visit the Christmas market there, too!)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mixed Media

Last week I went to a Mixed Media class at my local scrapbook store. I had never tried this before, but it was so much fun. We added tissue paper, paint, paper, stamps, stickers, and buttons to a canvas to make a cool picture.

Millie did not come with me to the class, but when I came home, she wanted to make a picture too. So here is her little creation on a 3x3 canvas I had at home. I think I might even like her's better!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Here Comes Santa!

We spent all day in fog today. The clouds never left us, but below is a picture my friend took of how the day looked as soon as you left our town! It was gorgeous out! Who would have known!!

A lot of times, I assume everywhere is foggy and nasty if we are. Often it is pretty nice and sunny elsewhere, we just sometimes get these weird pockets of rain or fog here and then 5 miles away, it is completely different weather....

We ventured out into the fog to track down Santa at the fire station in Preston. Millie wasn't sure what she wanted for Christmas this year, but I told her she still has time to write up that list.

Taking a break from talking to Santa, to enjoy a cookie (or two) with friends.

Millie, Mama and Santa.

Santa's sleigh was on top of the fire truck and we all got to go for a ride.

Brr, it was sooo cold up there!

Thank goodness we had Rudolph's red nose and the fire truck lights to guide us through this foggy day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Mike's mom, dad and his brother, Uncle Jimmy came to stay with us this Thanksgiving. It was really nice to have company since Mike is once again deployed in Afghanistan. It has been two years since we have had a Thanksgiving with Mike home. I am looking forward to the time when he will be home with us for good and not have to miss anymore holidays!

In the kitchen preparing a feast! (and Deli getting groomed by Millie)

Time to sit down and eat! Delicious! (Thanks Lola, for all that cooking)

We love Fall!

I can't believe it almost December and I completely forgot to post some of our Halloween and farm pictures. Embarrassing...

So here is a photo of Millie's Kindergarten class and her teacher, pumpkin picking at Fall City Farms.

Millie, Mike and I went to the local Harvest Festival in North Bend. It is perfect for kids, they have a Haunted House (Millie was so scared I had to carry her through halfway), arts and crafts, snacks and of course, lots of games and prizes.

Millie was Snow White this year!

Our local fire department always drives the big firetruck on Halloween night and when they see trick or treaters, they always stop to pass out the coolest flashing glow in the dark necklaces! Secretly I wish I could have one too!

Cutest kid ever!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is the first time we have still been picking tomatoes from the garden in October. September was beautiful, but we have already had quite a bit of rain and cool weather this month. The secret this year to keeping our plants healthy and dry was the plastic tarps over the raised beds.

Mike and I also tried canning and pressure cooking for the first time. It is really easy and fun! We have pickles, green beans, tomato sauce, blueberry and peach jam, apple butter, canned peaches, pickled cherry tomatoes, and diced and stewed tomatoes. Almost all the vegetables and fruit came from our garden, our neighbors (thanks Karen for all the cucumbers!) or local u-pick farms.

A few weeks ago, Millie's school participated in a Walk-a-Thon. All the classes got dressed up and ran/walked as many laps as they could to help raise money for technology and the enrichment classes at their school.

Here comes all the classes on the field.

And Millie is off running! I think she did 15 laps! The school raised nearly $30,000.

Earlier this month, we went pumpkin picking at Jubilee Farms in Carnation with our neighbors.

Looking for the great pumpkin.

Millie joined the Unicycle team at North Bend Elementary School. She has practice once a week and is so determined! Lots of practicing how to get on and off and balancing against the wall. Hopefully we will have some pictures in a few months of Millie riding by herself. We are so proud of our Millie!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 6th-Millie's first day of school!

Our little 5 year old started school early this month. She was so excited and loves it so far.

It is so nice having the school right down the road. We walk everyday (rain or shine!)

Millie's new kindergarten classroom!

The first ever Coombes family camping trip

The first few days in September we spent camping. It was our first camping experience as a family....(besides the 2 nights we slept in a tent in our backyard back when the temps climbed into the 100s and no one had air conditioning here...) We stayed at Lake Pearrigyn State Park in Winthrop, WA.

Here we are with the tent all ready for sleeping!

We had beautiful weather the entire time. Millie loved the beach and quickly made new friends! She even got to go on a boat ride with her new friends.

Getting ready for dinner.

Relaxing and reading.

Having fun in downtown Winthrop.

Enjoying a nice cold ice-cream cone. There is a country western theme to the entire town.

Playing a game of croquet near an apple orchard.

Sipping some cider at the Methow Ciderhouse.

Downtown Winthrop. Camping is done for the season for us, but we definitely will be heading back out to the campgrounds when the warmer weather arrives in July and August again.

Friday, September 16, 2011

End of August fun!

Summer really hit it's stride in mid-August. We had some really hot, sunny days and loved every bit. Millie and I posing in front of a car at the antique car show in town.

Riding a horse and buggy during Snoqualmie Railroad days.

Catching bugs.

Splashing in the swimming pool.

Going to the Everett State Fair...

...and watching pig races!

Millie and Papa going for a ride.

Yeah for summer!