Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 6th-Millie's first day of school!

Our little 5 year old started school early this month. She was so excited and loves it so far.

It is so nice having the school right down the road. We walk everyday (rain or shine!)

Millie's new kindergarten classroom!

The first ever Coombes family camping trip

The first few days in September we spent camping. It was our first camping experience as a family....(besides the 2 nights we slept in a tent in our backyard back when the temps climbed into the 100s and no one had air conditioning here...) We stayed at Lake Pearrigyn State Park in Winthrop, WA.

Here we are with the tent all ready for sleeping!

We had beautiful weather the entire time. Millie loved the beach and quickly made new friends! She even got to go on a boat ride with her new friends.

Getting ready for dinner.

Relaxing and reading.

Having fun in downtown Winthrop.

Enjoying a nice cold ice-cream cone. There is a country western theme to the entire town.

Playing a game of croquet near an apple orchard.

Sipping some cider at the Methow Ciderhouse.

Downtown Winthrop. Camping is done for the season for us, but we definitely will be heading back out to the campgrounds when the warmer weather arrives in July and August again.

Friday, September 16, 2011

End of August fun!

Summer really hit it's stride in mid-August. We had some really hot, sunny days and loved every bit. Millie and I posing in front of a car at the antique car show in town.

Riding a horse and buggy during Snoqualmie Railroad days.

Catching bugs.

Splashing in the swimming pool.

Going to the Everett State Fair...

...and watching pig races!

Millie and Papa going for a ride.

Yeah for summer!