Tuesday, April 22, 2014

March days

We've been having some really nice days this winter.  Whidbey Island is definitely in the rain shadow.  Whenever we can, we love to hang out on the deck of our "island home."
We have a great path that leads to the beach.  Today we went down to get a little exercise and search for some crabs.
Millie and Mike looking for baby crabs.  Millie has become quite the expert at overturning rocks to find the little babies underneath.
Mike's hobby these days are feeding and photographing our huge population of hummingbirds.  We get so many, that some days they will nearly drain the entire hummingbird feeder of sugar water in one day!
Millie wearing the socks the Oma knitted.  They fit perfectly.
Crazy Dr. Suess Hat day at school last March!