Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring is in the Air...

...and I hope it is here to stay.

We had about 2 mths of winter this year and then it just seemed to fade into Spring. I'm not used to Spring arriving so early (our first year in Snoqualmie we still had sleet in June!) But today was just one of those beautiful, get outside and enjoy every moment day! And we did....we were joined by lots of other neighborhood kids at the park today and spent over 2 hrs playing, riding bikes and meeting friends.

We took our camera out and snapped our favorite Spring sights around the house. Millie liked these purple flowers the best. They are growing all along the border next to our driveway.

Usually our daffodils are the first things to flower, but this year the other flowers and trees have bloomed first. Looks like it won't be long before they open up!

The cherry tree has made an early appearance, as well.

Even the shadiest spot in our backyard corner has a blooming bush, though it will be a few days before they fully open.

Millie and Deli posing in front of our empty garden plot.

You know it is a nice, warm day in the sun when the cat is passed out in the grass. He is normally huddled in the house these days, but even he could not resist a nap outside.

My view from the front porch. We always get some great afternoon sun in the front yard. It is really difficult to see, but way off in the distance you can see the mountains with a bit of snow on top.

A good way to end our day today was getting some ice-cream at McDonald's. Hopefully this amazing weather continues and my next post is not about a crazy snowstorm....

Monday, February 8, 2010


I suddenly realized that I took almost no photos last month. We are so looking forward to Mike returning and have been sticking close to home and enjoying the amazing, warm, sunny weather here. But have left the camera in our camera bag. Although I do have some cute photos to share. The above photo is of Millie enjoying a favorite meal for dinner. She can easily eat 3 drumsticks!

The two of us enjoying some tv time before dinner.

Here we are just 5 minutes later, but Millie is ready for bed and I'm off to read her a story.

We have been having the warmest winter ever! January and February have not brought us snow, but instead blooming flowers and budding trees and bushes. I've never had a spring arrive so early. So this winter, we had to drive 35 minutes up the highway to seek out some winter fun. The snowfall has been pretty low at the ski slopes, but at least there was enough to go sledding and even build a tiny snow family.

RIght now it is currently 67 degrees (in the sun) and I'm sitting outside soaking up some Vitamin D.