Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is the first time we have still been picking tomatoes from the garden in October. September was beautiful, but we have already had quite a bit of rain and cool weather this month. The secret this year to keeping our plants healthy and dry was the plastic tarps over the raised beds.

Mike and I also tried canning and pressure cooking for the first time. It is really easy and fun! We have pickles, green beans, tomato sauce, blueberry and peach jam, apple butter, canned peaches, pickled cherry tomatoes, and diced and stewed tomatoes. Almost all the vegetables and fruit came from our garden, our neighbors (thanks Karen for all the cucumbers!) or local u-pick farms.

A few weeks ago, Millie's school participated in a Walk-a-Thon. All the classes got dressed up and ran/walked as many laps as they could to help raise money for technology and the enrichment classes at their school.

Here comes all the classes on the field.

And Millie is off running! I think she did 15 laps! The school raised nearly $30,000.

Earlier this month, we went pumpkin picking at Jubilee Farms in Carnation with our neighbors.

Looking for the great pumpkin.

Millie joined the Unicycle team at North Bend Elementary School. She has practice once a week and is so determined! Lots of practicing how to get on and off and balancing against the wall. Hopefully we will have some pictures in a few months of Millie riding by herself. We are so proud of our Millie!