Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August in Washington

Millie and Mike with our chicken Whitey.  We are so happy he started laying eggs in August.  It is the best thing to walk out to the chicken coop and find a fresh egg.  He is such a good layer, that he lays an egg almost everyday with just a day off here and there.

We went camping in mid-August to escape the heat of summer (I love saying that!)  Here we are at Deception Pass State Park near Whidby Island.  We spent 2 nights in this beautiful part of Washington.

Searching for creatures in the tide pools.

We enjoyed the sights, the beaches, miniature golf, delicious food and ice-cream!  And we even got to visit and play with our neighbors and their children who were camping at the same park!
Almost time for bed.
Our lovely campsite.  Time to roast some hotdogs!