Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On our way home from Spokane, we passed our local elk field right here in Snoqualmie. We can walk to the field and see these elk almost every evening from our house. I actually had the camera with me so I could take a photo. Lately they have been so close to the road, but I never have my camera on me when they are that close. They make the oddest noises too..

Weekend in Spokane, WA

We escaped the wet weather for a bit in Spokane visiting Mike's mom and dad...(although the rain sure caught up to us on Sunday!) Mike's mom discovered this really great Renaissance festival for kids in Manito park. It was perfect. Millie got to do lots of fun arts and craft activities...

Making beautiful hair bands...

Face painting...

Mural painting...

Lots of fun (and it was all free!) Wow!

Later that afternoon the sun popped out and we headed to the park downtown.

That was such a great day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First day of pre-school!

We looked forward to this day for a long time now. Millie was so excited to see her teacher again and play with her friends at school.

There was always so many fun crafts, projects and dress up here! So it was fun to get back to it.
I will be helping in the classroom at least 3 times a month as part of the co-op, and get to play and watch Millie with her friends, too.

Millie did great. No crying or anxiousness. She was perfectly comfortable in the classroom. What a big change from last year.

We rode our bike trailer to school today since it was such a nice day around here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vacation time!

No, we didn't fly to Germany, just went with some friends an hour and a half away to Leavenworth, WA. Welcome to a cute little German town in the middle of Washington.
I am pretty grateful to my friend, who decided we all needed some sunshine, a change of scenery and relaxing in her in-laws hot tub...

Downtown Leavenworth. Just a short walk from the house to town.

Less than 2 hrs away, and the weather was so warm and wonderful!!!

Time for a break!

Enjoying lunch at a beautiful location!

Time for some playing!

And then off for a walk along the river.

Then we headed into town for some tasty gelato. Millie had chocolate and blueberry and I tried the panna cotta. Yum.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Build and Grow

Last weekend Millie and I went to Lowe's build and grow workshop for kids. They get a cute apron to keep, a sew on patch, a certificate and they get to build and keep a wooden craft kit. Best part....it's all free!

This month, the kids got to make a school bus. They have little hammers the kids can use and easy directions for following along. We will definitely be going back for another project soon!

Millie and her baby (zucchini!) I wish this came from our garden! Our green ones don't get bigger than our thumb before they start rotting for some odd reason. But our neighbor down the road has a garden bursting with vegetables right now (more than they can handle.)
Zucchini bread time! I think we'll have lots of leftovers.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Another visit to Remlinger's Farm

Millie and I love this place. Pony rides, a hay jump and maze, a mini roller coaster, train ride around the park, cute kiddy rides, old school buses, tractors and firetrucks to climb into, a farm where you can feed the animals and a kid shows and concerts every day-what a great place.

I love that you only pay once and you get to go on the rides over and over.

I love that Millie never gets tired of going on the train.

I love seeing her get excited to go on rides all by herself.

I love that this farm is so close to us too! Maybe we'll have to check out the pumpkin festival this year with my mom and Detlef. Thanks Remlinger's for another fun day.