Saturday, September 4, 2010

Build and Grow

Last weekend Millie and I went to Lowe's build and grow workshop for kids. They get a cute apron to keep, a sew on patch, a certificate and they get to build and keep a wooden craft kit. Best's all free!

This month, the kids got to make a school bus. They have little hammers the kids can use and easy directions for following along. We will definitely be going back for another project soon!

Millie and her baby (zucchini!) I wish this came from our garden! Our green ones don't get bigger than our thumb before they start rotting for some odd reason. But our neighbor down the road has a garden bursting with vegetables right now (more than they can handle.)
Zucchini bread time! I think we'll have lots of leftovers.

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Gisela said...

Yummy, zucchini bread. You better freeze some of that for us, I don't think Detlef ever had that type of bread.