Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Eve presents

Even though Mike was not with us this Christmas, Millie and I still had a good holiday. There were decorations, cookie baking, very cold temperatures, present wrapping, candy cane eating and lots of Christmas movies and music throughout the month. The only thing missing this year was snow...and of course, Mike...

Here I am finally wrapping the presents while Millie is snug in her bed hopefully dreaming of sugarplums dancing.

We can't forget to leave Santa some cookies and milk!

We opened most of our presents Christmas Eve while Grandpa and Lola looked on. Millie was so excited to get her very own easel from Grandpa and Nana in Connecticut.

The best part was after Millie opened a present, she would spend time playing with her new toy or looking thru her books before moving on to the next one. So it took us way over an hour to open all her presents. But it was such a good feeling to see her enjoying everything she got instead of tossing it to the side and reaching to rip open a new box. Although, believe me, she does LOVE opening presents!

Modeling her new fancy dress skirt.

Taking a break in the middle of present opening to play a few tunes.

New paint bottles for her easel.

Relaxing with the grandparents after a long night of opening presents!