Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days!

Tuesday we made a snowman. The snow was perfect for that. It stuck together so fast and easy!
And today (Wednesday) we tried cross country skiing down the road to Centennial Park. Millie did great. (She thinks she did badly, and cried a bit on the way home, but she did awesome!) I feel better after said she will try it again.

I wonder what the plan is for tomorrow....I already know there is no school again...I think hot cocoa and one last play in the snow before it goes...oh yeah...I have to split more wood again. I feel like I am constantly doing that...but I love my woodstove and it's worth it.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Living in the NW, I've noticed that even in the winter, everything stays pretty green. Since we are the evergreen state, we don't really have many bare it is so nice to watch the snow falling (while warming up next to a roaring woodstove) and see the world outside turn white.

I love snow in the winter.

Hoping it sticks around for a few more days...looks like more snow could come our way!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Germany trip

I wish we were still back in Germany eating some ice-cream and shopping...

Millie and Oma on the trolley to go into town.

Here we are posing at the Residence in Wurzburg. Millie loved seeing the fancy gold rooms and chandeliers inside.

Off to play in the gardens outside!

Time for some lunch in town on New Years Eve. Everything seemed to close up by 2 pm.

Enjoying the night with some sparklers. There were so many fireworks being lit that night where my mom lived. We stayed up to watch and Millie (who woke up from all the noise) watched the fireworks with us from the balcony.

And then to enjoy some fire wine. You put sugar cubs on the metal spoon, pour rum all over it and then light it on fire to get the sugar to melt into the hot drink. Very delicious!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

While we were in Germany, Millie got to make a gingerbread house with Opa.

Hard at work on the design...

The completed project!


Off to Rothenburg for more shopping and sightseeing.

Opening presents Christmas eve.

We love Playmobil toys!

Christmas goose!

Part 1 of our Germany adventure

Well I can't believe we are back already one week from our trip to Germany. Millie and I loved it! Here's one of my favorite pictures of Millie with her Oma and Opa.
Another picture I love is this one of the three of us taken in Wurzburg with the fortress on the hill in the background.
One the train to Munich to visit my mom's friend, Christa. And of course, while we are there, we have to go see some more Christmas markets. We arrived to a city of snow!
I loved the markets because Germany has the most beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations. I wish I could have bought them all.
Millie and her cute edible necklace!
Enjoying the cute decorated store windows. This was a huge Steiff toy animal display.

It's snowing again! It was so cold this day. We spent hours outside, but warmed up later in a cafe with some coffee and my favorite- apple strudel in vanilla sauce.

On the train ride back to Wurzburg. I will post some more pictures of the rest of our trip shortly!