Friday, January 13, 2012

Germany trip

I wish we were still back in Germany eating some ice-cream and shopping...

Millie and Oma on the trolley to go into town.

Here we are posing at the Residence in Wurzburg. Millie loved seeing the fancy gold rooms and chandeliers inside.

Off to play in the gardens outside!

Time for some lunch in town on New Years Eve. Everything seemed to close up by 2 pm.

Enjoying the night with some sparklers. There were so many fireworks being lit that night where my mom lived. We stayed up to watch and Millie (who woke up from all the noise) watched the fireworks with us from the balcony.

And then to enjoy some fire wine. You put sugar cubs on the metal spoon, pour rum all over it and then light it on fire to get the sugar to melt into the hot drink. Very delicious!

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