Sunday, July 13, 2014

Days of Summer in Whidbey

We have been having a beautiful summer this year and have been trying to enjoy every moment of it before we leave for Thailand.  Most of you know I accepted a teaching job at an international school in N. Thailand. Millie and I will leave in less than a week now.  (I can't believe how fast the days have gone.)  Mike will follow us a week later to make sure that all is settled here in the U.S. (It is a quite a daunting feat to make sure we are ready to go. )So, the end of June, we decided to take a weekend break in Leavenworth and Chelan before things got too busy.  We went camping, had the best time ever at the waterpark in Chelan and enjoyed beer and brats in popular Leavenworth, WA.

Camping near Chelan.  It was so windy that night our tent was almost flattened.  After a few noisy, but exciting hours (for Millie), the wind completely disappeared.
I loved the knitting shop here in Langley, Knitty Purls.  They had a few classes and I decided afterwards to try my very first hat.  So addictive and now I want to make more.  Hey, it gets a little cold at times in the mountains around Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I need to knit a hat for myself and Mike next. 
Millie's 8th Birthday party at Castle Park playground.
Millie and I were running around the yard playing, when I stopped to look at a windchime I had hung in our madrona tree.  Then I noticed this little clump of moss, but when I looked closer, it was a hummingbird nest.  So amazing!  Langley has truly been a treat with its eagles, red-tailed hawks, osprey, orca whales, seals, deer, rabbits, etc. 

Millie and I watching the Maxwelton 4th of July parade with friends.