Saturday, November 26, 2011

We love Fall!

I can't believe it almost December and I completely forgot to post some of our Halloween and farm pictures. Embarrassing...

So here is a photo of Millie's Kindergarten class and her teacher, pumpkin picking at Fall City Farms.

Millie, Mike and I went to the local Harvest Festival in North Bend. It is perfect for kids, they have a Haunted House (Millie was so scared I had to carry her through halfway), arts and crafts, snacks and of course, lots of games and prizes.

Millie was Snow White this year!

Our local fire department always drives the big firetruck on Halloween night and when they see trick or treaters, they always stop to pass out the coolest flashing glow in the dark necklaces! Secretly I wish I could have one too!

Cutest kid ever!

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