Saturday, August 28, 2010

Connecticut, here we come!

We've actually been home a few weeks now, but Millie and I spent a week visiting my dad and Melissa in Connecticut. It was sooooo great to be back "home," visit with friends from high school and have Millie play with grandpa and nana. I didn't realize, but I really missed the place! Here is Millie and nana at Beardsley Zoo.

Later in the week, we got to visit a farm and Millie got to ride a horse, go for a wagon ride and just run around the farm with her new friends. She kept telling me she was now a "farmer girl." I am so glad my dad arranged this with his friend from work. What a great morning. Take a look a that huge horseshoe pile! The owner of the farm is in the business of horse shoeing horses...hope I said that right...

Checking out the horses.

"Farmer girl"

Millie and Grandpa !

Hiking in the park near home.

Playing at the Creative Playground in Brookfield with my high school friend and her children!

Downtown Brookfield (where I grew up.)

Elephant Trunk Bazaar, by far the best flea market I have ever seen. This has been going on every Sunday in New Milford since I can remember. I hardly ever went growing up, but now it was a real treat to visit. (next time I staying for longer and going in with a wad of cash...)

Having fun at Lake Quassy!

We'll be back soon!

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