Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Millie

Millie celebrated her 6th birthday this past Saturday with five of her friends.  She decided on a Mermaid theme this year.  So we had music from the Little Mermaid,  mermaid cake, a mermaid art project, and lots of under the sea decorations.
I had so much fun making this cake after I researched some ideas.
We had a really crazy rainstorm during Millie's party.  Thunder, strong winds and a power outage in the town next door.  Luckily we had planned an indoor party due to the really unstable weather this month.  The day before the party, Millie came up with the great idea of face painting.  The kids loved it.  I painted lots of rainbows, flowers and butterflies!
Working on the mermaid art project.
I organized a scavenger hunt.  Clues were located all over the house and the kids were divided into 2 groups of three.  They had to read the clues to discover where the next clue was hidden.  The last clue led to the location of their party bags filled with mermaid treasure.
Happy 6th Birthday, Millie!
With the house full of 6 girls, there was definitely princess dress up time, too.  Millie is getting ready to open her presents.  She really loved this.
Opening presents from the family on Sunday morning!  Thank you everyone for the great gifts and birthday wishes!

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Gisela said...

Yeah, love the pictures, gonna download them as soon as it gets cooler in here. It's like a Sauna. The cake came out good. Glad that the fisherman's net got there in time, looks good with the rest of the decorations. And happy that we got to see Millie on Skype the next day.

Love, Oma and Opa