Monday, May 21, 2012

We have chickens!

So we are now the proud new parents of triplets!  Furry, messy, curious little baby chickens.  After finding out there are more varieties of chickens then I ever knew, we decided on Blue Wyandottes.  
Millie did a great job helping to take care of them the first week and a half while we kept them indoors in a cage with a heat lamp.
Mike discovered that they loved to sit on his shoulder.  
He made an amazing little chicken coop where our three new members of the family will live and hopefully start giving us some tasty eggs in the next few months!
Free ranging in their new home.

Millie is in charge of naming them.  She named one Lucky, but I think she wants to wait until the other two get a bit bigger before deciding on any more names.  And I am happy to say, we had over a week of hot, sunny weather!

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