Sunday, June 20, 2010

Out and About

If you remember the tv show, Twin Peaks, then you may remember this waterfall from the opening credits. Every once in a while, we will head over to Snoqualmie Falls, take in the beautiful views, and go for a hike down to the bottom of the falls. It is right in town and a great place to visit.

We dont' have many photos of May and June. We lost a roll of film when we exposed it accidently and then there's the weather. Who is inspired to take photos with such dreary weather? Yes, I have been complaining non-shop about this nasty May and June we are having, but this weather has been non-stop rain and clouds. I was hoping for photos of lazy days at the beach, picnics, swimming in the river and growing our garden, but we have had cold, rainy days instead that remind me of a continuation of fall and winter....(and the garden plants have all died except for our radishes.) We have been housebound most of the past 2 months or simply not in the mood for camera snapping since our days seem pretty mundane....

However, we can't just crawl under our covers and wait for the July sun to appear, so we have been trying to get out and about and enjoy the days (despite the rain.) Here we are posing for a photo at the salmon hatchery in downtown Issaquah.

We had a nice hazy day sometime last month and we rushed outside to play in the yard and finally finish staining our fence. Millie is so cute and happy and loves her swing on the tree again!

There's Millie peeking around our fence and I am all the way at the very end putting on the finishing touches!

In May, Millie received a package of 10 caterpillars in the mail as part of a butterfly kit from Grandpa and Nana. We turned on the heaters in the house, so they would not get so cold, and watched them grow and grow. They all formed a chrysalis and after 7 days or so, turned into beautiful butterflies. I can't believe they all made it! Millie really loved watching the entire process and checked on her "pets" everyday. On June 8th, we had a nice day and decided it was warm enough to release them outside. She was sad to see them go, but we thought it was pretty cool to put them on our hands, blow them gently and watch them fly up high!

Goodbye Painted Ladys! Hopefully, if they were smart, they headed for California!

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Gisela said...

Despite the rain, beautiful pictures. I am glad to see that the butterflies have hatched. That must have been so interesting for Millie to watch.
Love, Oma