Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Graduate!

I cannot believe it is the end of the school year! How fast did that go?! We had such a great year at Alpine Co-op. The first few months were pretty tough cuz Millie cried when I left and I wound up staying at school with her in the beginning. But her confidence has grown, friends were made and we love teacher Amy. Millie now waves goodbye to me with a big smile when I drop her off. And at least 2x a month I was a teacher helper in the classroom since it is a co-op. That is one of my favorite parts of being in a co-op.

We are so proud of our graduate. In the fall, Millie will stay at the same school, but move up to the 4 year level. Love her so much!! (PS-Graduation was one of our rare, nice days in May. I believe it was 24th May that the sun made its last appearance....)

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