Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Millie!

Thursday Millie celebrated her 4th birthday. Millie and I went strawberry picking in the morning, we actually picked 7.5 lbs! Later in the day, Millie first picked out a birthday balloon from the store and then we opened presents. Thank you to everyone for some great presents. Barbies, books, dress-up, games, a zhu zhu hamster and tea set.

Fun books to read for later on!

....lots and lots of beautiful dress up clothes sent by Nana.

Millie is here modeling the princess ballerina dress...

followed by this beautiful red dress!

And of course, this year Millie requested the "Princess Party." We had her party on Saturday when Mike was home for the weekend and Millie invited 4 friends from pre-school over. We had tiaras for everyone to decorate.

Hard at work adding gemstones and other colorful touches to their crowns.

Afterwards we played some games outdoors. The sun was shining that day, a special gift for Millie's birthday! (That was 8 days ago and the last of the sun for the week....)

Millie playing Pin the Kiss on the frog....

Ta da! The princess cake. I am so glad we had gone strawberry picking. Those berries were the perfect touch to the dress and hide all the imperfections perfectly....

Putting the candles on the cake.

Blowing them out and making a wish!

And here she is, our beautiful 4 year old princess birthday girl!

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Gisela said...

Those pictures are so beautiful that I printed them out and I am making a mini album for myself.
Love, Oma