Thursday, July 2, 2009


We spent 3 weeks in Germany and returned mid June. We spent the time with my mom and her husband, Detlef. Mike was with us the first week too, but had to return to work at the end of the week. My sister, Jamie joined all of us the last week. In the above photo, we have just arrived and go into town for a bit of shopping.

Millie loves animals. So our visit to the Wildpark (petting farm/park) is a favorite of hers. They have lots of cute farm animals to feed and then you can spend the rest of the time playing in the amazing playground.

Here we are on the bouncy "Kopfkissen." (pillow)

Later in the week we all take a trip to Marktheidenfeld to visit Oma's gravesite. Oma died in February and we miss her a lot. They have very beautiful cemetaries in Germany. Millie is helping me plant a flower for Oma.

You can always find an ice-cream shop and a bakery on every corner in Germany. Delicious!

Millie and Mike having a toast at the Greek restaurant in town.

Family shot taken on the staircase at my mom's new apartment.

Tante (Aunt) Jamie and Millie enjoying the flowers alongside the river.

Millie and mommy at the end of their vacation...

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