Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot, lazy days of summer...

We have had beautiful weather this summer (with a few cool, cloudy days in between). But on those sunny days, we head for the beach. Millie and I live pretty close to Sammamish State Park. It is really fun for Millie to play in the sand, meet some new friends and splash about in the lake.

We pack a picnic lunch and spend the whole morning to early afternoon outside. Everytime we go, we have been lucky enough to spot bald eagles flying overhead, although they are usually too far to get a good photo of!

Millie getting ready to take the plunge!

My sandy crab!

Now this photo is taken practically in our "backyard." It's about a 4 to 5 minute car ride to the other side of the Snoqualmie river and a short walk thru the woods to get to the rocky beach in the photo. The water here is MUCH colder than the lakes. We've walked in the water up to our knees but soon start turning numb after that.

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