Monday, May 25, 2009

Our very own Secret Garden

As I write this blog, we are on our 6th day straight of sunshine and mid 70s. And it looks like that weather will continue for the next few weeks! So we have been outside everyday. Trips to the beach, park, picnics, playing in the paddling pool, and lots of gardening. In England we only had a small back yard with a paved courtyard, so we are so proud of our lush little garden in the back yard. Millie loves to help water the vegetables.

Here's a cool spot to sit in out of the sun.

A view of our yard from the side. All along the side fence is a huge patch of strawberry bushes. Looks like they'll turn into strawberries very soon. We may miss our backyard crop this year though as we will be in Germany for the next three weeks. (We are off tomorrow!) But we will be able to enjoy the vegetables and blueberries when we return...

Our little gardener is busy watering again!

This is one of Millie's favorite spots too. She has a sandbox, basketball hoop (found at a garage sale!), sidewalk chalk, a new pedal bike (another garage sale find!) and a scooter.

Mike made this raised bed for our herb garden from a huge plank of wood that floated into our yard after the flood.

We'll I better do some more packing for our trip. I'll leave you with this cute pic of Millie in her garden dress playing with her favorite garden equipment... the water hose.

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Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

so jealous of all that garden space!!!
it looks like you are really making things "homey"...must feel so good!!!
miss you guys!