Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun Weekends

So we've had a busy few weeks and no surprise, I'm a bit behind in blogging. We have tons of pictures, but I narrowed it down to only a few. Mike let me choose how I'd like to spend Mother's Day...what's better than a picnic on the beach? So off we went to Alki Beach in Seattle. It was a hazy with a cool breeze, but still lots of people out and about. I spend everyday here if I could, the only cons are a 45 minute ride there only to find NO parking except along the streets...if your lucky! Since I have never mastered even the basics of parallel parking, I'm pretty dependant on Mike to get me there...embarrassing, I know.

We had a delicious lunch of fried clams and fish and chips from the Crab Shack. So good, but the portions were way too small! We ate everything with 5 minutes. We spent the time playing frisbee, Millie made new friends immediately and Mike and I got in some down time just enjoying the sea breeze and people watching.

Millie found a crab and lots of pretty stones and broken shells. I found sea glass too and could have spent the rest of the day scoping out the beach for treasures! Can't wait to go back!

This weekend we headed off to Spokane for Grandma's Millie's 100th birthday! We stayed with Mike's parents for one night. We spent most of the day at the assisted living facility, Millie was a huge hit with the residents. She went up to everyone saying "hello oma (grandma in german) hello grandpa." I mean EVERYONE. Here we are greeting Mike's grandma and enjoying chocolate treats.

Afterwards we had a really tasty dinner in the formal dining room. Below is a photo of the 4 generations of the Coombes family. Mike's dad and sister, Mike, Grandma and then little Millie.
At 7:30 we all headed upstairs for a big birthday celebration with cake and live music. Mike's grandma still seems in really good health. Once we had her walker, it was tough to keep up with her in the hallways!

Sunday morning we played outside at Mike's parents house. Millie really loved running around in the tall grasses and meeting the neighbor's dog.

Millie and Lola posing for the camera before heading back home.

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Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

OH HOW I MISS ALKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!