Friday, December 11, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

Sunday we headed off to Keith and Scott's Christmas tree farm in North Bend. We went with some very good friends, all of us in search of the "perfect" tree. The best part was the gorgeous views that we are so lucky to have living in the Northwest and we even got to see a bit of falling snow.

Millie posing with her friend Sofia.

Thumbs up to our future Christmas tree. It is so hard to find a tree at these U-pick farms, too many to choose from! But I love the one Millie and I found.

Sawed off, and now to shake out all the hidden squirrels, leaves and loose pine needles!

Millie decided it would be a good idea to relax with some candy canes in front of the fire after all the hard work of tree cutting at the farm. I settled in for some apple cider and watched the horse and rider from the farm greeting customers.

Inside and time to get serious with decorations while rocking out to Christmas tunes.

...and here she is in all her decorated glory. I wish I knew how to take a better photo to show off the glow, but I think that involves a tripod? Any hints on how to take a great xmas tree photo?

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Gisela said...

The tree looks really pretty and it seems you had fun cutting down the tree with Millie.
Miss you, Love Oma