Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making Cookies

Well, we've had a delicious cookie making party. Millie loves helping mommy bake and the cookie batter is unanimously the best part!

The next day we rolled out the dough and used our new cookie cutters to make the best looking cookies in town.

We had so much fun rolling, cutting shapes and then for the best part......

...decorating with sprinkles! Chef Millie took over this part and really made sure each and every cookie had a thick layer of blue and red sugar sprinkles.

They didn't last very long either...

Taking a break from baking while talking to Papa on the phone. We talk almost everyday and most of the time get to see him on Skype too. We miss him so much! Love you Mike. I miss my best friend/husband!

Have a very Merry Christmas. One more day and Grandpa and Lola will be here to celebrate with us! We can't wait.

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