Saturday, November 7, 2009

Washed out, grey and ugly

So I am feeling exactly like my view off the porch today. Woke up to another day of rain, a cranky kid and no place to go. (Nobody here has attached garages, so I have to look at everyone's run down sheds which does not help with the view.)

I love fall, but November always seems the gloomiest month to me. Winter and cold is just around the corner and summer is forever away! At least December is cheery with decorations and xmas, Jan and Feb may bring beautiful snow and March and April means spring is on its way again.

I think we'll be doing a lot of this today. We need more puzzles just like this Oma!!

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Gisela said...

Will get my Millie girl more puzzles to keep her busy. Got my PC back Friday, finally - hurrah. Sat. the mouse broke, Sun. Detlef installed Win7 and just now we finally got everything working. Got Skype again so we can talk.
Love, Oma