Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

Millie wants to be just like her papa! As soon as she saw him with his binoculars to do a bit of bird watching, Millie ran to her room and grabbed her binoculars too!

We have bird heaven here outside our backroom. So many birds, especially now that food is scarce. They all seem to fly and flutter around our bird feeder. We go thru a lot of birdseed these days!

This photo was taken in the middle of the road looking out our house. You can't even tell where the road is!
As I write this blog, I can hear lots of dripping and sloshing outside as the snow is quickly melting. We had temps today in the mid 40s. But we did have over a week and a half of freezing temperatures and constant snowfall here in Snoqualmie. Since snow like this is rare, so is the snow removal equipment. The entire city of Seattle only has 27 snow plows. When Snoqualmie called a state of emergency, they were finally able to contract construction equipment to scoop some of the snow from the roads and dump it at the parks down the street.

Millie had a blast in the snow. I pulled her on this sled up and down the roads in town.

Here is just one of the many snow piles at the town park! The kids loved it and I'm kind of sad to see it go.

This was our road. As you can see the roads were pretty snow covered. Since the Seattle area does not normally plow, sand or salt the roads, most people just stayed off the roads. It was so quiet that week! No garbage collection, limited mail, blizzards, burst pipes, closed mountain passes, no bus service, cancelled airline flights, it truly was a December storm to remember.

Now that's a big snow drift!

Millie wanted to play with our neighbor's "christmas tree." She will really miss all the lights, presents, snow and sledding!

Looks like we almost lost her here! I haven't included any photos of the slushy mess in the roads now. These photos are so much prettier!

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