Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It was so nice to have friends and family over our house for Thanksgiving. Mike's parents, his son Michael and Ping and her son Jeri spent the evening with us. The in laws and Michael stayed over for several days, as well. Mike's mom spoiled us by doing all the cooking and Millie was so excited to have her Lola, Grandpa and step-brother over. We can't wait to see them again. They live in Spokane, WA, so the 4 1/2 hr drive is much easier than a flight to the U.K.!

All aboard the Santa Train! Lucky us, we have a train depot right in town and right next door in North Bend. Santa took time out from his busy schedule to say hello to all the good little boys and girls. (Unfortunately Santa was sooooo busy we didn't have a chance to sit and chat with him, but hopefully next year!) Millie LOVED the train ride. She is really into trains. Can't wait to ride the train to the falls in the spring. That will be fun!

Millie and Papa settle in for a rickety ride to Snoqualmie Station for cookies and Santa fun!

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