Saturday, September 19, 2015

Summer updates

This has been embarrassing how long I have neglected my blog.  Especially since we live overseas and I have so many interesting and different things that I want to share.  Yet "normal" life takes over and I get busy with working and Millie has homework and we still need to figure out when to do laundry and cook dinner....  But I did want to share just a few of our photos from our month long trip to Germany this summer.  Millie charmed our flight attendant and she whisked Millie away for part of the trip, dressed her in part of the uniform and even got the co-pilot to come out and bring Millie upstairs to view first class on Emirates. (Millie had been very sick for most of the flight due to her flying anxiety, but we finally got her to smile when we landed.)
Hiking through the forest in Germany!
It was wonderful to be visiting Oma and Opa.  We definitely needed some adjusting to the unusually cool temperatures in June.
But then it warmed it and we spent many times visiting the lake just a short bike ride away from my mom's house.  I love Germany, because they always have beer and delicious food being served whether you are hiking in the middle of the forest or at a small lake in town, anywhere out and about...there is always good, quality hot cooked meals nearby. Mike and I would ride bicycles around through the corn fields and farms and all of a sudden come upon a small restaurant serving a nice, hearty meal!
Speaking of food, here we are at another restaurant in town.  This one became our favorite.  Mike had his infamous pork knuckles at this place.  Meat, beer, potatoes=heaven!
Europe, especially Germany, has the best bicycle paths I've ever seen.  You can get on a path anywhere and it seems to connect all over the country.  You can get anywhere so easily on a bike and never have to really go on the road. 
Millie even celebrated her 9th birthday in Germany.  Seems like a long time ago now.  Now it is September.  School started at CMIS way back in the beginning of August.  I am teaching first grade this year and so happy about that.  This year has been so much more rewarding. I love this grade.  Here I am on the first day when it was chaos and crowds, nervous parents, children and teachers.  Can you believe that we have been at school for 6 full weeks now!!!  I barely remember anything I did that first week. 

Millie on the first day meeting up with old friends. She is in fourth grade now. There are two classes for every grade.  She had 17 kids in her class. I am lucky and only have 14 in my first grade class.  That has been a dream!
But now we are ready to start the 7th week of school and are in the thick of our schedules and homework and staff meetings, etc.  But of course, we can't complain.  We still take time to explore Chiang Mai, go out with friends, shop for cool stuff, attempt to speak Thai (get laughed at a lot) and enjoy good Thai food.  PS-the dog is not ours, but is always over "visiting."  He is here making sure Millie gets her schoolwork done.  I will post more often.  Getting ready to take some photos of my classroom next. 

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