Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of school in a new town!

Millie starts her first day of second grade today-September 3rd.  We moved to Langley on July 1st and its felt like a vacation.  Trips to the beach, gardens, hiking, swimming at the lake, lazy days eating ice-cream, but now it's time for school and a bit of structure again.  And with the first day, came the rain to remind us that summer is ending soon.
Millie is excited, but was nervous too.  It is the first time riding a school bus, we always walked to school before.  And it's her first day at a brand new school. 
Our neighbor came to say hello while we were waiting.  (The bus was almost 20 minutes late because the first child they picked up got sick and they had to get a replacement bus-yikes).
Millie getting off the bus at school trying her best to "ignore" me.  I am sure she will have a good first day and since it is only a half day, I get to hear all about it right after lunch!

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