Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our life in pictures from April to early September.

So I discovered that we had tons of pictures on our small digital camera.  They were from all the way back in April.  So I thought it would be fun to post my favorites from the last 5 months.  Here is our garden in early April.  I can't believe how green the grass was.  Once July hit, we had almost no rain at all.  My garden did great this year!
Millie on Earth day.
Bingo Night at school.
A gorgeous day to watch the Seattle Mariners in Seattle.

Our cute little hen(rooster?) when we first got them in April.

Happy Cinco de May
Celebrating Mother's Day in Seattle with Lola, Grandpa and my wonderful family.

Our rooster, Lucky.
Getting ready to watch the Olympic diving trials in Federal Way.
Playing at the park in Redmond.

Summer sun!
Enjoying the scenery after a leisurely bike ride in Snoqualmie Pass.
Getting ready for winter.  I'm actually looking forward to those cool, crisp days and lounging by the woodstove. 
Our annual trip to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. 

Whitey's first egg.  She started laying in August and we now have fresh eggs almost every day!

Millie's first day of first grade.  Getting ready to walk to school.

Enjoying Whitey's eggs for breakfast.  Now those are some orange yolks. 
Delicious lobster dinner with our good friend Wenarto in Seattle. 

Air show at Boeing Field in Everett.
Time for a lunch of chicken wings. 

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