Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our trip to Canada Part 3

Millie celebrated her 5th birthday while we were on holiday in Canada. Janelle and her mom organized a party for Millie and she was so excited.

Yum! Cupcakes!

Opening presents.

Opening the pinata.

Blowing the birthday horn.

Posing in her new birthday shirt and fancy shoes.

The next day we went to Fort Steele, near Cranbrook. This heritage town had lots of fun stuff for the family, train rides, hayrides, interpretive displays, but I think one of Millie's favorites was panning for gold. And she even found a huge nugget of gold (fool's gold.)

Millie, Carolee and Isaac

Our last night in Canada was spent camping at Wasa Lake Provincial Park.

Millie and Carolee getting our dinner ready.

Dinner time camping style.

Millie and I had a wonderful 10 days.

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We are Mike, Melanie & Millie said...

Wow great birthday party, thank everyone for me since i couldnt be there.