Monday, April 25, 2011


Yesterday we had the sunniest, warmest day since the summer. We woke up to sun and it stayed that way all day. We walked down the road to the Easter egg hunt. How lucky are we that it was right down the road.

Lots of eggs and no one really around us!

Loading up the Easter basket.

Suddenly the hoard of children made it down to our spot! Luckily we had already filled up our basket!

On the walk home.

Stopping to look at our neighbor's pretty flowers.

Looking into our backyard. I am so grateful for those two days of sun. We really needed it. (Today-Easter-we are back to pouring rain!)

Our tulips finally opened up in the sun.

Our first picnic of the season. We may not have another picnic for a long time, my online weather chart shows rain for the next 10 days +, but fingers crossed that will change. We made it to 67 degrees today and it felt hot!

We miss you Mike, Happy Easter to everyone we love!

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Gisela said...

Just saw your blog entry. Yesterday, Monday, was still an Easter holiday here. I love the pictures of Millie and already downloaded them with the idea of some layouts in my head.