Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dreaming of Hawaii...

We got to spend 10 beautiful, near perfect days in Oahu, Hawaii earlier this month. We did not really leave the beach this time. Here is Millie planning a sand castle city in Kailua Beach.

Playing catch in the surf!

Mike and Millie are posing at our beach in Kaneohe Bay. We stayed in a wonderful beach cottage there and this is where we got to go swimming and snorkeling everyday!

Here is our cottage. Millie liked to feed the roosters that wandered around in the morning. She would drop them little bits of bread from the balcony.

Here is the amazing view from our deck (lanai)!

Lots of fun building castles.

The view from the beach of our cottage in the background. I miss this so much! Now we are back in Washington state with temps in the 40's and lots of rain. We had so much fun and relaxation on this holiday!

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Gisela said...

Absolutely beautiful, hope you make a mini album with the cinch :-). I might make a layout of some of your pics. I am mutating further into this 12 x 12 thing. I already infected Christa. But those pictures are so great. Detlef loved them too and it makes us think about going to some island where we can take Daisy though.