Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

Here is Millie and I dreaming of snow. Or maybe some sunshine in a warm exotic location?

Instead we find ourselves in the rainy blues at the end of January. Growing up in the Northeast, I really miss those 4 seasons. Here we seem to have only two-rainy or cloudy. Those sunny days once a month are just not enough!

This is my view out the kitchen window. If I have to look at all those sheds and houses, a bit of sun might help cheer it up some!

These are the only photos we took this month. What do you do when it rains for weeks on end? Even the ski slope on the pass is wet and soggy these days...

The last gorgeous sunny day we had was just before Thanksgiving. Then we had 2 nice days since then...but this is what I see the rest of the time...

At least the grass is still green and fingers crossed we don't have the same short summer we did last year.

Millie made some beautiful chalk drawings the other morning. We had such a nice morning with about 3 hours hazy sun on Thursday. It had been too long since having some warmth and light in the sky...where are you sun, we miss you!!!

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Gisela said...

I love that pic of the 3 of you sleeping, so cute. Boy were we lucky when we were there, we had only 1/2 day of rain. Looks like we need to bring some sunshine again. Funny, I made a layout of Millie dancing in the rain, it's on my blog.
Love, Mommy