Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love this photo of Millie and our sunflowers. We actually grew them from a tiny seed, they went crazy in our soil, must be very fertile from all those floods we've had!

We spent a great weekend with Millie's Lola and grandpa in Spokane earlier this month. The weather was nice and Millie got to spend some time at a festival in town too! Even though the grandparents are 4 hours away, it is so nice to be invited to spend a few days with them in their home.

Round and round we go!

We tried getting a nice smile from Michael....

Here is Millie on her new 12 " bicycle. She LOVES it. We are usually pedaling down to the park every other day on this bike. And I love the size, it is so cute and tiny. Maybe she'll be without training wheels by age 4? She learned to ride her scooter at 2 years, 8mths.


Gisela said...

Oh, she looks so cute on that little bike.
Love Oma

Your Touch of Craft said...

She looks sooooo grown up, where has that time gone!!!