Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Lazy Life...

Millie and I visit the North Bend Library every Tuesday and Thursday. It's especially a great place to come on those cold, rainy days. We both love Tuesday story time and my Thursday sing-a-long music group that I started for babies and toddlers. Millie is my assistant and we sing, clap, and just have fun being silly.

However, we've had gorgeous weather for the past few weeks, sunny and a pleasant 65 degrees by afternoon. (Alas, we are back to rain as I right this e-mail...possibly for the next week or more!) But on those amazing "spring" days we got out the bicycle and cart and just pedaled along the paths and to the parks with Millie. Very soon we'll have a 2nd bicycle so the whole family can ride together. Millie and Papa are off to try the path along the golf course.

After those fun days outside,we head inside for some snuggles with Deli. Good thing he is such a tolerant cat, he puts up with lots of squeezing, choking and tail pulling these days. You can't tell from this photo! They look like best friends....

We end our days around here with bubbles in the tub. Millie designed this bubble hat all by herself.

Afterwards its so nice to warm up next to the woodstove, wrapped up in a towel and snuggled next to mama. A drink of milk, a kiss goodnight, and it's time for bed...tomorrow's another day!

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Gisela said...

Millie, you look so cute, I can't wait to cuddle with you again.
Love, Oma